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'How the Law Works is a gem of a book for law students and for everyone else. It is a must read for anyone interested in how society is shaped and controlled via law.' Dr Steven Vaughan solicitor Senior Lecturer Birmingham Law School 'How the Law Works is a comprehensive witty and easy-to-read guide to the law. I thoroughly recommend it to non-lawyers who want to improve their knowledge of the legal system and to potential students as an introduction to the law of England and Wales.' HH Judge Lynn Tayton QC Reviews of the first edition: 'A friendly readable and surprisingly entertaining overview of what can be a daunting and arcane subject to the outsider.' The Law Teacher 'An easy-to-read fascinating book ...brimful with curios anecdote and explanation.' The Times How the Law Works is a refreshingly clear and reliable guide to today's legal system. Offering interesting and comprehensive coverage it makes sense of all the curious features of the law in day to day life and in current affairs. Explaining the law and legal jargon in plain English it provides an accessible entry point to the different types of law and legal techniques as well as today's compensation culture and human rights law. In addition to explaining the role of judges lawyers juries and parliament it clarifies the mechanisms behind criminal and civil law. How the Law Works is essential reading for anyone approaching law for the first time or for anyone who is interested in an engaging introduction to the subject's bigger picture.